Hinge Point

* a sermon preached at New Hope Lutheran Church on February 26, 2017 * Since sermons are primarily intended to be heard, you can listen along here. Texts for the Transfiguration of Our Lord: Exodus 24:12-18 + Psalm 2 + 2 Peter 1:16-21 + Matthew 17:1-9 *************** Please pray with me this morning: Loving God, You call … Continue reading Hinge Point

Wardrobe Malfunction

* a sermon preached at Luther Memorial Church of Chicago on February 15, 2015 * Text: Matthew 16:24-17:8 *************** Please pray with me: Holy God, Transform us. Give us hearts that shine like the sun. Amen. *************** Quick poll, show of hands: Who can tell me what season we’re in? Winter, Time after Epiphany, Basketball season, Less than … Continue reading Wardrobe Malfunction