Advent Devotional: Thursday, December 25: The Nativity of Our Lord

A blessed Christmas to you!

Today is a day for feasting, for opening and giving gifts, for enjoying simplicity and joy.

They mystic Thomas Merton provides a nice meditation for us this morning:

Christ is born. He is born to us. And, He is born today. For Christmas is not merely a day like every other day. It is a day made holy and special by a sacred mystery. It is not merely another day in the weary round of time. Today, eternity enters into time, and time, sanctified, is caught up into eternity. Today, Christ, the eternal Word of the Father, who was in the beginning with the Father, in whom all things were made, by whom all things consist, enters into the world which he created in order to reclaim souls who had forgotten their identity. Therefore, the church exults, as the angels come down to announce not merely an old thing which happened long ago, but a new thing which happens today. For today, God the Father makes all things new, in his divine Son, our redeemer.

Therefore, the church on earth joins with the church in heaven to sing one same song, the new song, the canticum novum which the prophet commanded all to sing after the world should have been redeemed by the Christ, whose ancestor he knew, by revelation, that he should be. When David cried out: “Sing to the Lord a new song” he was the first precentor to intone the songs the church would sing on this day in her liturgy, as she announces to the whole world salvation and joy. For as St. Leo says: “Today there has shone upon us a day of new redemption, a day restoring that which was long lost, a day of bliss unending.”

“Today eternity enters into time and time, sanctified, is caught up into eternity.”

I love this sentence.

Today is special. It is a day when time and eternity meet and feed into one another.


Perhaps for the Christian Christmas day is a better “new beginning” than even New Years Day.


Questions for reflection: If today were a day to begin anew, what would you do differently? This isn’t a resolution, it’s just a question.

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