Advent Devotional: Saturday, January 3: Tenth Day of Christmas

In these days we lean more away from the Christmas event itself, the birth, and more toward what it means.

We lean away from the stable and toward the star, like those Magi in Matthew’s Gospel, who search for wisdom in the sand of Palestine.

Our life is like this, right? We’re caught between an event and its meaning. We get caught here all the time…

But this time we take great joy (even if we do wonder if we should be just a little afraid that God has come so near), because the promised meaning of Christ’s birth is for “good news…which will be for all people.”

So, person, what does Christ’s birth mean for you?

This is no flippant question for those of us often caught between two realities: no longer young, but not yet old; not just starting, but haven’t arrived; the surgery is over, but we’re waiting on the biopsy; our family is now gone, but we’re not back to the “new normal.”

What does the fact that God came in the Christ, came into the world, came into the same existence that you share (for if we are to trust the philosophers, God’s “existence” is not like ours…as Paul Tillich, Lutheran theologian and professor once claimed, “God is the ground of all being.”)?

What does it mean for the Ground of All Being to collect itself, collect all the dust together, into One Being and then do the things Jesus did?

As we lean toward Epiphany, toward the Magi, and yet celebrate the joy of Christmas, our awe will grow. It will grow as we ponder the meaning of it all…in parts.


Today, ponder just this first part…it will be enough for all days, I imagine: What does Christ’s birth mean to you?


Question for reflection: What does the birth of Christ mean for you in 2015?

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