Some thoughts on Pentecost VI

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

“Growing stalks of wheat are being choked out all across the world this week.

We read news stories and Twitter updates, and throw our hands up, and through painful sobs we manage a muffled “Why, God…?”

We yearn for the harvest, for that day when all of God’s beautiful, perfect, tender grains of wheat will be gathered lovingly into God’s arms; when all of the weeds of greed, and power, and violence, and divisiveness will be stripped away and will be no more.

We pray for God to hasten the harvest, to overcome our inability to do it on our own, and to finally and fully reconcile the world to God’s loving self.

But until then, in the meantime, we wait…we pray…we come to the table, arms and hands outstretched, to cradle just a taste of God’s promised future of love and grace…and we work to do what we can, to bring just a small measure of bread to this famished world.”


Heavy week this week. Blessings, preachers.

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