We all have thresholds. Physical… Emotional…Financial… In whatever arena, we all have a point at which things change irreversibly. That point, for me, was last night. See, last night I watched a cell phone video of a group of police officers round up teenagers like they were animals, and then I watched one of those … Continue reading #IAmMcKinney

Goodness Gracious

Some thoughts on the Grace of God. I was asked to offer a reflection on God's grace for an interment of one the true gems of our congregation, Kim. Below is my attempt to offer something meaningful. ------------------ Think of a gift you’ve received. But not just any gift. Think of something that you were given … Continue reading Goodness Gracious

Is All Speech Free?

Couldn't we all endeavor to be more respectful to each other? Couldn't we be willing to respect that some people hold some things as sacred, and as such, not aim to offend them with such sharp provocations? Just because speech is lawful, doesn't mean that it should be said.

What is hope?

There is no such thing as an insignificant loss of life. All life is sacred. All life is divine. All life is important. All lives matter. --------- As I internally struggle with what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri, I’m also being confronted with similar stories from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Hammond, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois… I think, by and … Continue reading What is hope?