What is hope?

There is no such thing as an insignificant loss of life.

All life is sacred. All life is divine. All life is important.

All lives matter.
As I internally struggle with what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri, I’m also being confronted with similar stories from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Hammond, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois…

I think, by and large, I have a trust of law enforcement. I also think, by and large, there are those who have a real legitimacy to their distrust of law enforcement. If there’s a system in place to protect society, that system MUST work for everyone, or it’s a broken system.

You might point to the riots and looting in Ferguson and say, “Look! See? This is why the police act like they do. Because theythose people…don’t even respect their own communities.”

And I would say, I condemn the looting and destruction of property. But, consider for a moment, being so overcome with grief, and sadness, and outrage, and hopelessness, and anger, all building up inside of you, until it all finally comes bursting forth, like a geyser or an explosion… When I consider that, although I’ve never felt that way, I can begin to fathom how someone could have that reaction…

I’m tired of feeling this way. I hate having to feel like I have to explain one side to another, or to make excuses for one side or the other. I’m tired of reading these stories and seeing these pictures and hearing these reports and feeling like there’s just simply nothing I can do…

And so I will cry today, but crying feels so insufficient…
And so I will pray today, but prayer feels so insufficient…

And I will try and find hope today……but hope will elude me…


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