“I Can’t Breathe…” – Jesus

Stop domesticating Jesus!

You want prayer in schools, but you can’t stand the sight of people of faith praying in the streets.

You want a nation that reflects “Christian values,” but you turn a blind eye to injustice perpetrated against the immigrant, the outcast, and those on the fringes of society.

You’re so convinced that you’re right and everyone else is wrong, that you can’t even begin to hear a differing viewpoint because you’re shouting you own opinions so loudly.

You think that God hates all the same people that you do, but you forget that Jesus hung out with all the wrong people.

So which is it? Make up your mind.

Stop telling me that I’m the one misinterpreting the bible to serve my own gains. You’re the one who can’t seem to decide which version of the bible is most convenient for you today.


James 2:17 – “Faith without works is dead.”
Theology is embodied. Faith is a living, breathing, active thing.
There is no such thing as simply ‘believing.’ That which you believe to be true, you do.

Acts of protest against injustice is not causing trouble for trouble’s sake. Protests and demonstrations are a physical embodiment of the faith we profess to be true.

Stop calling me a trouble-maker; there is no more godly a cause than to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers.

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